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Services - Non-Profit Orgranizations

Engage the Community with Sharing Resources

Rainbow Foundation partners with over 1,100 non-profit organizations and provides a variety of program to bring life changing experiences to different underprivileged groups. Beneficiaries are inspired to see life from a positive angle and to build up self-confidence and courage when
facing challenges and difficult situations; to treasure families, friends and natural resources; and to love life and care for others.

Program Types

  • Life Education Experiential Learning Program
  • Interactive Workshop for Children
  • Multi Media Experiential Program
  • Outdoor Adventure Training
  • Science and Technology Experiments
  • High Impact Personal Challenge Camps

Beneficiary Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant organization is eligible to apply if it is:
    • a member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)
    • a charitable institution being exempt from tax under Section 88 of Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue Ordinance
    • a charitable institution, community centre or school serving following beneficiary types
      • Underprivileged children and youth (orphans, children from single parent/low income families or physically ill)
      • Individuals with disabilities (with valid "Registration Card for People with Disabilities")
      • Individuals with chronic illness
      • Individuals from rehabilitation center (former drug addicts/ former prisoners/ former mentally disabled)
      • Low income families
      • Low income and living alone elderly (aged 65 or above or with valid Senior Citizen Card)
      • Low income new arrivals
      • Ethnic minorities and refugees from South Asia Countries
      • Homeless

How to Apply