Non-profit organizations

Complement Each Other with Diversified Cooperation

Rainbow Foundation proactively connects with cross sectors non-profit organizations and institutions, organizing a series of distinctive activities for people of different areas and needs in the society. Beneficiaries include underprivileged children and youth, individuals with disability, individuals with chronic illness, individuals from rehabilitation centre, low-income families and new arrivals, living along elderlies, ethnic minorities, refugees, and homeless, etc. The activities exert resource advantages between partners and us, expand service scopes and benefit the sustainable development of social services and promote social inclusion. Check out more details of the following Signature Partnership Events.

Signature Partnership Events

  • Inclusive Para Sports Day

  • "Egg-cellent Hunter"

  • "Celebration of Life" Birthday Party

  • Upcycling Workshops

  • "The Ark's Little Doctor" Community Activity

  • "5 Loaves & 2 Fish" Heartening Initiative

Engage the Community with Resources Sharing

Rainbow Foundation partners with over 1,800 non-profit organizations and provides a variety of programs to bring life changing experiences to different underprivileged groups. Beneficiaries are inspired to face life positively and to build up self-confidence and courage when facing challenges and difficult situations; to treasure families, friends and natural resources; and to love life and care for others.

Regular Sponsorship Events

  • Life Education Experiential Learning Program

  • Outdoor Adventure Training

  • Interactive Workshop for Children

  • Science and Technology Experiments

  • Multimedia Experiential Program

  • High Impact Personal Challenge Camps

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying, please

  • •complete the Online Application Form, and

  • •submit the Tax Exemption under Section 88 of Hong Kong's Inland Revenue Ordinance or Certificate of Registration of a School

Successful applications will receive Event Confirmation Letter, and be notified by phone or fax.
For details, please refer to Guidance Notes for Service Event Application.

For any inquiries, please contact us.
Tel: (852) 2988-8772


"We were grateful for the opportunity to organize the birthday party for our cancer patients. Apart from sponsorship, Rainbow Foundation also invited an ex-patient to share how to overcome challenges with positive thinking and faith. It acknowledged our work and encouraged us to continue our efforts in supporting and caring for patients and their families."

Birthday Party Beneficiary Group