Children & Youth Development


Three S Project

The initiative allows DSE students to have summer internship opportunities in front-line departments of Noah’s Ark Hong Kong and other companies to experience different work environments, and to identify the interest of advanced studies and career path with positive values.


Aviation Day

Through simulated pilot training and site visit to the headquarters of Civil Aviation Department (CAD) and Government Flying Service (GFS), deprived students guided by volunteers from CAD Staff Club get to experience flying in the sky as pilots and learn more about the aviation industry in Hong Kong.


“Walk with You” Laptop Donation Campaign

In the fifth wave of the epidemic, corporate partners were invited to donate brand-new laptops to social welfare organizations to improve their learning facilities and equip the students for online learning, so as to promote equal learning opportunities.


Knowledge Transformer

It empowers the next generation by sharing professional knowledge and teaching design thinking skills through interactive workshop. Small teams collaborate and apply 5 key elements (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test) while encourage deprived children to dream for the future.


Elite Amazing Race

The race is a 2-phased program to enhance team spirit while engaging your clients, colleagues and friends to join your company in sponsoring a fun and meaningful experience for children. This special program allows your staff to experience the joy of helping others and promote your company's Caring Company image.


Love of Challenges

This special program is a team building experience designed for corporate staff to enhance communication skills and bond as a team through serving children in an outdoor adventure program.


"Read to Dream" Book Fair

A special book fair co-organized with Sun Hung Kai Properties Reading Club and St.James' Settlement. It allows over 600 children to purchase their favorite books and enhance their reading pleasure. The fair also includes special entertainment like Big Boyz Club Music, a singing group of The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, and other special guests performances.


“English Storytelling” Handcraft Workshop

An online workshop with English storytelling and handcraft caters to deprived students aged 6-9. It enhances the beneficiaries’ interests in reading and confidence, inspire creativities and improve public speaking skills.


Science Exploration Camp

Science Exploration Camp is a four day camp designed for children aged 12-15 to experience as scientists, through making VR googles, testing water quality and building solar cooker, they could explore the real-life applications of light, water and sun, and assemble solar cars for competitions with teammates.


Robotics Challenge Camp

Robotics Challenge Camp is a three day camp that integrates Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics into an action packed STREAM of fun. It allows children aged 8-12 to design and build their own soccer robots and increase their interest in learning science.


D.R.E.A.M. Camp

D.R.E.A.M. Camp is a four day academic English camp led by foreign English instructors. It aims to arouse a love of English learning for children aged 10-12 and strengthen their confidence using English through creative activities – Drama, Reading, English Writing, Art and Music.


Sky Dream Aviation Camp

Aviation Camp is a two day camp designed for children aged 12-15 to learn aircraft differences, flight knowledge and aviation meteorology, aviation English terminology and enjoy flight simulation, helping beneficiaries to learn ways to improve their concentration as well as develop their team spirit.


Servant Leadership Camp

Servant Leadership Camp is a three day and two night camp that includes team building, wild cooking and rope course challenge. It enables youth aged 15-18 to experience deeper self-understanding and breakthrough, and be equipped with leadership skills and sense of responsibilities through serving others.


3x3 Basketball Camp

Through a series of intensive team training activities and sharing by renowned basketball players, the three day and two night 3x3 Basketball Camp encourages youth aged 12-16 to have better self-understanding while developing character, confidence and a positive attitude.


Rainbow Football Camp

The three day and two night Rainbow Football Camp allows youth aged 12-14 to experience the training of a professional football player, to develop positive values and attitudes in overcoming challenges, and the confidence to pursue their dreams.


Rainbow Camp

Rainbow Camp is a five day and four night residential camp that communicates "Faith, Hope and Love." It is designed for children aged 10-12 to go through a series of team building activities and community service projects to learn to love themselves and others while gaining a hope for the future. It is also a leadership development program for university and secondary school volunteers to strengthen their leadership skills and sense of social responsibility through serving as mentors to the campers.


FUNtastic English and Arts Camp

FUNtastic English and Arts Camp is an interactive activity based camp led by foreign English instructors. It enables children aged 10-12 to arouse a love of learning English and strengthen their confidence using English through different aspects of creative expression and performing arts, including English conversation, costume making and a public performance.


Young Scholars Camp

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Young Scholars Camp is a three day camp covering arts, sciences and adventures for children aged 8-12. It aims to develop participants’ morals, intelligence, physical fitness, teamwork and artistic ability; and to explore their creativity and learning potential.