Utilize Your Strengths to Serve Others

More than 30,000 volunteers bring love and hope to the underprivileged, and experience the satisfaction of helping others through the social service platform of Rainbow Foundation. Volunteers also strengthen work-life balance and learn to treasure things around themselves, bringing positive motivation to daily life and personal growth.

We welcome individuals in different social aspects to participate in our volunteer services to contribute to social harmony by unleashing their strengths and skills. If you would like to take part in helping the underprivileged, please contact us.

Volunteer Services Positions

  • Photographer

  • Usher

  • Emcee

  • Stage manager

  • Performer

  • Guest speaker

  • Administrator

  • Promoter

  • Designer

  • Researcher


"The event allowed me to serve as volunteer to the refugees from South Asia countries and understand their backgrounds and difficulties in Hong Kong. It made me realize how lucky I am, and we ought to treasure things around and be grateful even when facing disasters in life because happiness is not inevitable."

Ma Wan Volunteer