Unleash Potential and Break Through Self-boundary

Rainbow Foundation develops diversified fun and meaningful programs and activities for secondary and primary students to start a wonderful learning journey that covers learning topics on science exploration, ecological and environmental protection, aviation simulation, history and culture, art creation, teamwork, character building, social and humanities education, etc. The programs and activities bring inspiration on learning and exploration, and advance students' whole person development in moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic aspects. Some of the activities were sponsored by Social Welfare Department's matching fund, "Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged".

"Live a Rainbow Life" Camps are specially designed to empower underprivileged children aged 8-16, including Science Exploration Camp and Robotic Challenge Camp that jointly organized with the teams from well-known local universities, e.g. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Hong Kong Metropolitan University etc. These two camps enhance primary and secondary school students' interest in innovation and technology exploration through STEM programs, and explore their creativity and potential to counter future challenges. Besides, English learning day camp led by Youth With A Mission English tutors and Diocesan Girls' School student volunteers, provides English drama and art creation programs to build primary students' interest and confidence in English learning, and strengthen their presentation skill. Also, students can learn about themselves, build self-confidence and hope for the future while learning to love themselves and others. Check out more details of our "Live a Rainbow Life" Camps.

Leadership Training and Positive Thinking Building

Rainbow Foundation provides leadership development program for university and high school volunteers to enhance their leadership skills and sense of responsibility for society, as well as to explore career development direction with social service experience.


"It was an unforgettable experience to act as mentor to the children, learn to communicate and take care of their needs in the camp. I was overwhelmed by the fact that my love for them has profound impact on their lives. Not only my leadership skills and sense of responsibility were strengthened in the camp, but I also learned to respect others and treasure myself as valuable and unique."

D.R.E.A.M. Camp Student Leader