Advocate environmental conservation


Anniversary Charity Walk

Every year supporters and beneficiaries participate together in this flagship fundraising event. Participants play meaningful and interactive games at various checkpoints as they walk along a scenic and historic trail on Ma Wan Island/ Hong Kong Country Parks. All proceeds support birthday parties and summer camps for orphans, children with cancer, children from low-income/single parent/broken families, and hearing impaired children.


Organic Farming

Led by corporate staff, the program allows the grassroots students to learn the ecosystem and crop harvesting in the organic farm. In addition to promoting environmental protection education, it also helps the company to fulfill ESG and sustainable development goals.


Upcycling Workshops

Children and youth are encouraged to practice environmental protection through upcycling unused materials and food waste, learning to preserve the Earth’s resources.


Beach Cleaning

Students and volunteers living in Ma Wan clean the beach together to protect the environment and enjoy a meaningful green time.


Green Transformer

The program aims to get close to nature and experience an Eco tour in Ma Wan Park together with children. Role play as chefs and nutritionists to cook a healthy tea menu while sharing environmental protection and healthy living concepts with the beneficiaries.