Promote Social Inclusion


Inclusive Para Sports Day

The annual event co-organized with the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee allows people with disabilities to experience the fun of Para Sports, raises public awareness of them, and promotes the equality and inclusiveness of the disabled.


Egg-cellent Hunter

Celebrating Easter with the disabled and ethnic minority families. The event comprises edutainment activities such as orienteering, interactive workshops and performances, allowing participants to understand the meaning of Easter, enjoy egg hunting in Tung Wan Beach and explore landmarks in Ma Wan. It aims at advocating the positive message of social inclusion to the public, attaching special meaning to the holiday.


"The Ark's Little Doctor" Community Activity

A festival celebration event is designed for the elderly, allowing them to feel love and care of the community. It also encourages “The Ark's Little Doctor” volunteers to develop positive values and learn to respect elderly through festive art-crafts making and gifts distribution.


"5 Loaves & 2 Fish" Heartening Initiative

An annual event co-organized by Rainbow Foundation and Noah's Ark Hong Kong to show love and respect to underprivileged families of Hong Kong. In partnership with other local social service centers across Hong Kong, families in need are invited to visit Noah's Ark and enjoy a family style Chinese lunch along with family bonding activities throughout the day. Since the campaign was launched in 2013, 5,000 underprivileged people participate in the event each year. The beneficiaries included homeless, partitioned and subdivided flat residents, persons with disabilities and chronic diseases, living alone elderly, low-income families and individuals from rehabilitation center and hail from all districts in Hong Kong.


"Celebration of Life" Birthday Parties

Special birthday parties organized for orphans, children with cancer, mentally disabled individuals, children from low-income/single parent/problematic families and hearing impaired groups, to understand “Every life is unique and worth celebrating!”. Participants and their families enjoy lunch feast, decorate cupcakes and write birthday wishes.


"Thanksgiving for You" Parent-Child Handicraft Workshop

On the annual Mother's Day and Father's Day, children from single-parent families gather with their parents and present handmade Pastel Nagomi Art paintings and leather wallets to their loved ones.


Family Fun Fest in Ma Wan

We invite EM children aged 3-15 with their families to Noah’s Ark, taking part in the DIY workshops of aroma stones and galaxy bottles, and rope course to enhance their kinship. We also sponsor them with delicious buffet lunches and gift boxes, to enjoy a precious family time in Thanksgiving.


"Ark Staycation with Love" Program

We sponsor low-income families with 2 days and 1-night staycation packages in Noah's Ark Hotel & Resort or Solar Villas, including accommodation, meals, Noah’s Ark tickets and workshops, allowing them to enjoy quality time with their families.


"Shared Food x Learning" Program

We provide midterm food assistance to affected families (Low-income, single-parent, subdivided households) and sponsor their children with online learning equipment and after-school English online classes amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


"Feast for Child" Program

The program provides 5-star hotel cuisine to boarding orphans and children from broken families, along with sets of board games and digit paintings to encourage them to face adversity with positive attitudes!



We donate daily necessities and anti-pandemic care packages to street sleepers, living alone elderly and people with disabilities to express care and love, and support their urgent needs.


"Share Food for Good" Food Assistance Campaign

During the epidemic, we donated over 10,000 lunch boxes to the low-income and unemployed, the disabled and children's homes, the homeless and solitary elderly, in the hope of spreading the warmth and overcoming difficulties together.


"Stand By You" RAT Donation Campaign

RAT were donated to the homeless, card-board collectors, solitary elderly, partitioned flat residents, and nursing homes for the disabled, so that they have sufficient resources to fight the epidemic.


Gift of Life Journey

Together with the low-income families, the corporate staff and their children unfold a series of life education experiential activities to strengthen parent-child relationship, and also learn to appreciate life and the beauty of nature.


Christmas Blessing Campaign

The campaign is to sponsor boarding orphans and children from broken families from S.K.H. St. Christopher’s Home with Christmas buffet and winter clothes, and invite corporate staff to write blessing cards to them, delivering warmth to the beneficiaries under the cold winter.


Summer Movie Fun

We sponsor low-income families with a movie trip to spend time to get together, gain positive energy from the movie and learn to cherish family and friends.


"Intergenerational" Art Jam Workshop

An interactive Art Jam workshop for children to exercise their creativity and learn to respect and care the elderly while elderly share stories with the children. A Personal Emergency Link was joined to the child’s artwork and distributed to elderly centers afterwards.


Charity Crossover with Hotel*

A co-hosted charity celebration event including arts and crafts workshop in Noah's Ark Hong Kong and a tea buffet hosted in your hotel. This meaningful event enables hotel staff to enjoy a fun day and share love and care with children and elderly while leveraging the assets of your hotel for the needy.

*Especially designed for hotels  


The Art Maker

Corporate staff with their families participate in a workshop of art creation and life education with the elderly, enhancing communication, inspiring positive thinking, and experiencing the joy and satisfaction from serving others.