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【CSR Event】“Green Day in Ma Wan ”STREAM x Renewable Energy Workshop Instill the Concept of Sustainable Development into Students


Co-organizing with Analogue Holdings Ltd., we successfully held the CSR event "Green Day in Ma Wan" STREAM x Renewable Energy Workshop at Solar Tower in Ma Wan, with the participation of corporate volunteers and 40 secondary school students from Man Kwan Pak Kau College. The objective of the event was to integrate sustainable development and environmental elements into STREAM education, allowing students to learn more about renewable energy.

Initially, corporate volunteers introduced the concept of renewable energy and its current usage in Hong Kong. Following that, Professor Kam-Tim Woo, Associate Professor of Engineering Education at the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (UST), and his teaching team conducted workshops on wind turbines and solar-powered adventure vehicles. Through these activities, students not only gained a deeper understanding of renewable energy, including the principles of wind and solar power generation, but also learned how to apply these concepts in their daily lives.