Corporate Social Responsibility Programs


Organic Farming

Led by corporate staff, the program allows the grassroots students to learn the ecosystem and crop harvesting in the organic farm. In addition to promoting environmental protection education, it also helps the company to fulfill ESG and sustainable development goals.


Aviation Day

Through simulated pilot training and site visit to the headquarters of Civil Aviation Department (CAD) and Government Flying Service (GFS), deprived students guided by volunteers from CAD Staff Club get to experience flying in the sky as pilots and learn more about the aviation industry in Hong Kong.


Elite Amazing Race

The race is a 2-phased program to enhance team spirit while engaging your clients, colleagues and friends to join your company in sponsoring a fun and meaningful experience for children. This special program allows your staff to experience the joy of helping others and promote your company's Caring Company image.


Gift of Life Journey

Together with the low-income families, the corporate staff and their children unfold a series of life education experiential activities to strengthen parent-child relationship, and also learn to appreciate life and the beauty of nature.


Knowledge Transformer

It empowers the next generation by sharing professional knowledge and teaching design thinking skills through interactive workshop. Small teams collaborate and apply 5 key elements (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test) while encourage deprived children to dream for the future.


Green Transformer

The program aims to get close to nature and experience an Eco tour in Ma Wan Park together with children. Role play as chefs and nutritionists to cook a healthy tea menu while sharing environmental protection and healthy living concepts with the beneficiaries.


Love of Challenges

This special program is a team building experience designed for corporate staff to enhance communication skills and bond as a team through serving children in an outdoor adventure program.


Charity Crossover with Hotel*

A co-hosted charity celebration event including arts and crafts workshop in Noah's Ark Hong Kong and a tea buffet hosted in your hotel. This meaningful event enables hotel staff to enjoy a fun day and share love and care with children and elderly while leveraging the assets of your hotel for the needy.

*Especially designed for hotels  


The Art Maker

Corporate staff with their families participate in a workshop of art creation and life education with the elderly, enhancing communication, inspiring positive thinking, and experiencing the joy and satisfaction from serving others.